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Pranic Energy Work

Most of us have heard of or at least read about various forms of energy work used to effect healing in the physical body. The concept is based on the theory that we each have an energy field that surrounds the physical body and provides it with the life-force or, energy, it needs to re-generate and heal itself. 

Ancient cultures have long understood and respected this life energy (in Sanskrit it is called prana; in Japanese, ki or qi; in Chinese, chi; in Hebrew, ruah; in Hawaiian, mana, and so forth) and even have traditions of medical practices based on it's science. Accupuncture, and ayurveda are just two or many healing sciences gaining more recent media popularity.

The life energy that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body provides it with the raw material it needs to regenerate and heal. How effectively or non-effectively determines how well we feel or how off (or sick) we feel in any aspect of life. In energy-work a practitioner works at cleansing and energizing the energy body, so that the the physical body heals faster often more rapidly than normal.

Pranic Healing Practitioners scan for areas of congestion or depletion in the energy field and then remove congested prana and deposit clean chi through the use of their hands. This is a "hand's off the body" technique. Other modalities may use sound, or sage, or oils to do the same thing. This stimulates the body's natural healing process so that recovery takes place quickly and synergistically.

It is common for clients to report significant decreases in pain, if not complete resolution; a lighter more hopeful spirit or attitude; and the experience of  marked calm, comfort and ease. At a more serious level, I have witnessed clients come off their medication for depression after a few months of sessions and 6 years of ; and I have even helped someone avert Clients have come off of anti-depression medication (hdepression), and have even helped clients avert surgery and recover significantly enough to heal without prescribed medication, through this work. If you are suffering from layers of ailments, then pranic healing and theta healing, can be what you are looking for. 

Experience how energy work can heal your life!


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